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Our mission is to create talented dancers while simultaneously encouraging the development of important values and life skills, such as teamwork, dedication, responsibility, leadership, respect and self-esteem. At Backstage Dance Company we are committed to and passionate about all aspects of performance arts with a focus on strong technique and high-energy performances.  Our cutting edge choreography and concepts has put us on the map regionally and nationally.  The director and teachers at BDC build the self esteem of our students through positive reinforcement while challenging our students to perform at their highest potential. We achieve maximum results in a disciplined and friendly environment.  



We believe dance is for everyone, no matter the skill level or body type. As such, we strive to offer a positive, challenging and structured environment where great values are taught and blossoming talent is developed.



We believe that dance training encourages young people to develop a positive self-image as they increase awareness of their physical capabilities. Along with improving coordination skills and developing muscular awareness, dance gives children the freedom to express themselves through movement.  We are dedicated to our students and the BDC philosophy.  At BDC, we believe performance arts are for every student, whether recreational or competitive.  We strive to make our students, young and old, beginner to advanced, feel special and important. 


  1. WE PROJECT A POSITIVE ATTITUDE in a professional, yet friendly environment.

  2. WE PROVIDE MAXIMUM DEVELOPMENT OF INDIVIDUAL POTENTIAL. Equal emphasis, attention and respect is given to every student, regardless of talent, age, skill level, potential, physique, or purpose for enrolling.

  3. WE HAVE SMALLER CLASS SIZES, which means more teacher attention for each student.

  4. WE ARE KNOWLEDGEABLE, CARING TEACHERS WITH THE RIGHT PURPOSE. Our staff is carefully selected for their expertise and ability to give every student a well-rounded education in dance.

  5. WE TEACH MORE THAN DANCE. We understand our roles as mentors extends beyond dance instruction. We also hope to instill self-confidence, responsibility, discipline, respect, punctuality, coordination, and grace to all who participate.

Our studio is a great place to grow! Schedule a walk-through, observe a class, meet our teachers, and see for yourself. 

Our curriculum is designed to train children ages two and older, skill, and confidence level to achieve their highest potential. We provide the highest level of training in an environment supportive of education, communication, hard work, humility, dedication, authenticity, discipline, recognition, growth and respect; thus developing not only the dancer, but the skills that prepare them for lifelong success.

Since 2006, our studio in Knoxville, TN has given budding and experienced dancers the comprehensive dance education they need to succeed in the studio and achieve their dreams. Whether your child wants to master dance for fun, train competitively, or pursue a professional dance career, our programs offer top-notch training across all genres. As a leading Knoxville dance school, we help competitive dance students build successful careers in the performing arts and give all students the discipline, creativity, and passion that set them up for lifelong success.


We started from humble beginnings in a small single rooms studio.  After just one season we moved to our current location. We now have five dance studios, in house boutique, a costume shop, a prop room, and much more.  All of our dance studios have Marley sprung floors and are equip with ballet barres.  


At BDC we welcome all students, and feel that each dancer can find the proper fit for them within our studio.  Our various programs allow each student to find the commitment level that is right for them, while still learning and growing as a dancer.  BDC prides itself on having a qualified faculty that provides excellent training, while creating a family atmosphere.

Crafting Better Dancers, Creating Better People

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