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Picking the right class...

*If you are new to Backstage Dance Company and need assistance in determining the perfect class for your child, please email us  or contact us at 865-524-2300.


We recommend that you plan on placing your child in the same class for the entire school year, so they will bond with the other students in their class. Our curriculum is designed as a full year syllabus. We accept registrations throughout the year but as a general rule, each student should complete a minimum of two semesters at their level before progressing to the next one.



*For Early Childhood classes, ages 2-8, the age generally determines the class that is most appropriate. 


*For intermediate and advanced levels, prior dance experience determines placement. A trial class is often required. Please contact our office at 865-524-2300 or email us at for more information on placement in these levels.


We encourage you to take advantage of our free trial class that way we can find the perfect class for your dancer. Availability in many classes is limited. If you wish to schedule a trial class, please contact our office.  




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