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What is Bella Dance Couture?


Lets start with some defintions...


Bella: Beautiful  


Dance: Is an art form in which human movement becomes the medium for sensing, understanding, and communicating ideas, feelings and experiences. DANCE IS LIFE!


Couture: Fabulous high fashion clothing


To sum it all up....


Bella Dance Couture = Beautiful, High Fashion, Dance wear


Bigger isn't always better!  We value quality over quantity at Bella Dance Couture. We stock a style in a few sizes and then we bring in something new.  We want all of our Bella Dance Couture Girls to be original and stand out in the crowd.  In a sea of black leotards you will definitely be able to pick out the Bella Dance Couture Girls! 

Bella Dance Couture Carries only the finest brands:

...and much much MORE!



Yeah that's right....we have it ALL!  From class basics like leotards, shoes and tights.  We stock it all whether you are a prima ballerina in need of theatrical pink tights and leather ballet slippers or a baby tapper in need of your first pair of tap shoes.

The Fun Stuff


From bags, to hair accessories to jewelry, tiaras, fairy wings, legwarmers, ballerina bears....this list could go on for days so it would be better for you to hustle on in here and check it out for yourself!


Special Orders


We Special order for several local cheer, baton and liturgical teams.  If you tell us what you want we can get it!  Stop in and check all of our custom costume catalogs.  We also offer team discounts! 




Make sure no one has your dress!  We have access to dresses that you won't find anywhere near Knoxville!  Make an appointment to see what we have and find the PERFECT dress for you.

Contact Us


Bella Dance Couture is located next to Backstage Dance Company. Both the studio and Bella Dance Couture share the same main entrance. Once in the main building lobby turn left and you will see the entrance to Bella Dance Couture. You DO NOT have to be a student of Backstage Dance Company to shop at Bella Dance Couture. We support all of our local dance studios even if you are not one of our students....we're just glad you are dancing!!!

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