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BDC Technique Intensives for dancers ages 4 and up

Dancers of all levels are welcome to learn, grow, and improve your technique from the BDC staff. 

August 1st - 4th 

Intensives are open to ALL dancers regardless of studio affiliation and/or intentions to audition.

 Dancers wishing to be considered for our Releve’ Elite Company, BDC Babies, Pre Company or Performance Teams are required to attend the summer technique intensive session. Dancers who wish to be considered for team placement will audition and be evaluated by BDC faculty during intensives. Team placements for 2023-2024 will be announced following intensives and parent information meetings will be scheduled.



Dancers will have classes in all genres. A detailed final schedule will be emailed one week prior to the event. 

*Suggested ankle weight are the El Toro Speedwraps and can be purchased at the studio.

Marble Surface

Ages 5-19

August 1st-4th - 4-8pm $350

*mandatory for those auditioning for Releve Elite or Pre Company 

Optional for those auditioning for Performance Teams

Marble Surface

Ages 4-19

August 1st-4th - 4-6pm


*mandatory for those auditioning for Performance Teams and/or BDC Babies

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